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  On Friday, spot gold traded around $1,550 an ounce, repairing some of the damage after slipping a day earlier to its lowest level since May last year at $1.539.74. The most notable gold bear, Robert Prechter, president of Elliott Wave International, told Reuters on the sidelines the precious metal will go up again, but not for "many, many years." "I think it's going to go down for years. I think it's in a major bear market," said the Elliott Wave analyst. Asked for a downside target, Prechter added, "I think it's very much like the NASDAQ when it peaked out in 2000. We're not going to see that high again for many, many years. We haven't so far." Prechter also compared gold's... Read more
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Review: 'Nautanki Saala!' यह किसी भी सांत्वना है, रोहन सिप्पी की नवीनतम प्रस्तुति कहीं अधिक एकजुट रखने का निर्माण किया और 'एंड' से पहले अपने नायक आधे घंटे के बंद के पास पहुंचे जो उनकी पिछली फिल्म 'दम मारो दम' से अपने किशमिश का यकीन है.शुक्र है, कोई नहीं के दौरान मर जाता है 'नौटंकी साला!... Read more
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Gold prices continue to crash: No need for Indian investors to worry? After giving fabulous returns for nearly a decade, gold has done the unthinkable. It has actually declined in the past six months! What has turned this safe avenue into a loss-making investment? The main reason for gold's short-term weakness is the rise of the dollar due to the economic crisis in Europe. The dollar has also moved up on the hopes that the US economy is emerging from its crises, which could nudge the Federal Reserve to withdraw the stimulus package earlier than expected.  Tags:    US economy    US dollar    The situation    Shankar Sharma    Rupee    interest rates    Inflation... Read more
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Report: 8-year-old boy killed in Boston Marathon blasts identified CNN Martin Richard, 8, was killed in an explosion at the Boston Marathon as he waited to give his father a hug at the finishing line of the Boston Marathon in Boston Mass., on Monday. By Matthew DeLuca, Staff Writer, NBC News The eight-year-old boy killed in Monday’s bomb blasts at the Boston Marathon has been identified as Martin Richard of Dorchester, Mass. Richard’s mother, Denise, and his six-year-old sister were reported to have been seriously injured in the explosion that killed three and wounded 144. The family was at the race to watch the father, William Richard, run, NBC station WHDH reported. A third c... Read more
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Bostonians and others rush to support stranded visitors hey're offering their spare rooms, their couches, their food, their cars -- even their own beds. A huge wave of strangers is greeting the many visitors stranded by the Boston Marathon bombings with a massive outpouring of support. "We figure this is the least we can do," said Heather Carey, who offered a couch at the home near Boston Universityshe shares with roommates."I saw a website with many others offering their spaces like we did. It is awesome to see so many people helping." The twin blasts Monday that left three dead and more than 140 wounded also left countless people without shelter. Investigators turned the heart of Bos... Read more
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BBC LONDON—The British Broadcasting Corp. appointed James Harding, the former editor of the Times of London newspaper, as director of news and current affairs, replacing Helen Boaden who stepped aside last year in the wake of a probe into the BBC's handling of a report on the late TV host Jimmy Savile. Mr. Harding resigned from the Times in December, saying it was made clear to him that News Corp NWSA +0.56% ., the paper's parent company, wanted a new editor. News Corp. owns Dow Jones & Co., publisher of The Wall Street Journal.Enlarge ImageAgence France-Presse/Getty Images James Harding, former editor of the Times of London, seen here in the British capital on Jan. 17, 2012... Read more
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TEHRAN — A powerful earthquake that struck southeastern Iran was felt in several countries in Asia on Tuesday, rocking buildings in the Indian capital of New Delhi, sending panicked resident of Karachi, Pakistan, fleeing into the streets and causing tremors through Persian Gulf states. Iranian officials said they expected many deaths. The earthquake measured 7.8 on the Richter scale and its epicenter was near Khash, Iran, not far from Iran’s border with Pakistan, the United States Geological Survey said. An Iranian official told state television that he expected hundreds of deaths because of the severity of the earthquake. The worst-hit area, along Iran’s southea... Read more
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The 2 Things Savvy Interviewers Are Looking For  By Arnie Fertig Any employer will want to understand how you meet his or her needs before taking yours into consideration. When you keep this in mind, you will understand that the fastest way to find a job is to find the employer who thinks you represent the answer to his or her problem. To paraphrase President Kennedy's famous inaugural dictum: Ask not what an employer can do for you … ask what you can do for an employer. When you winnow down all the possible jobs that you might apply for into the jobs for which you're most suited for to attain success, you will have the... Read more
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विदेश की गिरावट से और सस्ता हो सकता है सोना घरेलू बाजार में सोने के दाम 5% गिरकर एक साल के निचले स्तर परविश्व बाजार में निवेशकों को फोकस सोने से हटने की वजह से आई भारी गिरावट के कारण बीते सप्ताह घरेलू बाजार में भी सोने के दाम भरभराकर गिर गए। शनिवार को सोने के दाम 1250 रुपये ... Read more
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सोने में गिरावट से मुथूट फाइनेंस 13% लुढ़का सोने में आई भारी गिरावट का असर गोल्ड फाइनेंस कंपनियों और ज्वैलरी कंपनियों के शेयरों पर नजर आ रहा है। मुथूट फाइनेंस 13 फीसदी, मन्नापुरम फाइनेंस 10 फीसदी, टाइटन इंडस्ट्रीज 4.5 फीसदी, गीतांजलि जेम्स 2.5 फीसदी, पीसी ज्वैलर 5.5 फीसदी टूटे।... Read more
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http://www.trainenquiry.com ForLiveTrain Locationon Google Maps visit below linkhttp://railradar.trainenquiry.comTags:Indian Train Running Status Live,indian railways running status, live indian railway train status,live indian railway information,current train running time india,current train running status, current train running location,current train running positions, Track live status of trains on Google Maps You might also like:http://www.erail.in/ ... Read more
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 Click here for more details NEWSmirrorMirror.co.uk... Read more
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from http://blogs.maharashtratimes.indiatimes.com/sw/entry/gold-market सोन्यातील गुंतवणूक ही सर्वोत्कृष्ट गुंतवणूक असून सोन्याचे भाव नेहमी फक्त वाढतच असतात, ही समजूत आता सपशेल चुकीची ठरली आहे. जागतिक बाजारांतील कल पाहता आपण आता सोन्याच्या भावांच्या घसरणीच्या किंवा भाव कुंठित होण्याच्या कालखंडात प्रवेश ... Read more
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रवींद्र जडेजा चेन्नई सुपरकिंग्जचा प्लेअर. पण त्याला सर रवींद्र जडेजा म्हणतात. कारण ते कॅच पकडण्यासाठी कधीही धावत नाहीत. उलट हवेत उडालेला बॉलच त्यांना शोधत येतो आणि त्यांच्याच हातात स्थिरावतो. जेव्हा सर रवींद्र सरावासाठी मैदानावर जाण्याचा विचार करतात , तेव्हा खु... Read more
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 Calling it a 'joke', 'Sir' Ravindra Jadeja says he has no problem with the prefix before his name as long as his Chennai Super Kings and India teammates are enjoying the all-rounder's 'knighthood'. "I think it is a joke and we are enjoying. Nothing serious in that matter. I don't think I am a great man. I just want to be what I am right now. I am not seriously thinking about the title 'Sir' and all that. It's okay as everybody is enjoying in the team and it's fine," he said. The 24-year-old led Chennai Super Kings to a thrilling last-ball win over Royal Challengers Bagalore in the Twenty20 League on Saturday. "In the last over we needed 16, so we were thinking that whatever will b... Read more
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