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Blogger: Himanshi Choudhary
Tech-connect.biz highly dangerous Browser hijacker redirect virus removal & safety tips -Tech-connect.biz is a very dangerous browser hijacker and redirect virus. It always   installs it self on your PC without your knowledge and permission. It always comes with any insecure download made by you. In fact this is the most common way used my criminals to spread these unwanted applications like browser hijackers, adware and redirect virus. It may set your search engines to its own domain, may change your home page, new tabs and this makes Tech-connect.biz, a virus having the capabilities of both redirect virus and browser hijacker. Browser hijacker redirect virus Tech-connect.biz ... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshi Choudhary
Twitter is one of the best platform of the world, for sharing opinions, following news events and stories. Though has a limit of 280 characters but users are allowed to upload images along with there text.  Twitter has accounts of millions and the world has a number of culprits and people of antisocial nature who also have account. Instead of using this descent platform for good reasons, such criminals use it for spamming or harassing others. If you are also one of the victims, you are lucky that twitter has some tools to help you. You can, hide tweets from such accounts, mute or block the accounts, but muting an account has different consequences and blocking has different. Whenever so... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshi Choudhary
How to display all blog posts blog archive in a list instead month wise year wise-If you have a blogger blog, by defaylt Blogger displays the archive(your old published posts) year wise grouped into months and number of posts uploaded in a particular month will be shown in brackets with the name of the month. Those who upload new posts quickly, I mean to say many posts per month have no problem with this system but some bloggers who post fewer posts in a year may like a different system for example all the posts to be listed in the blog archive irrespective of month or year. However, you can change the blogger’s default system and show all your posts by adding a small script in your blog... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshi Choudhary
How to recover data from a corrupt unreadable SD Card (Secure Digital Cards) -The Secure Digital Cards(SD Cards) are ultra flash memory cards small in size but having high storage capacity. These cards are very useful to store data in portable and hand held devices like smart phones, tablets etc. These SD Cards need to be used carefully otherwise they may prove troublesome and we may loss our valuable files, photos or videos but if your card is not responding, it does not mean that you have lost your records. Yes, there are possibilities to get your data back so please never try to format your SD Card in haste and try these steps -            ... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshi Choudhary
Charging and maintenance safety procedure Mobile Phone Battery -Battery, the power source of your mobile hand set is an important part of your mobile phone and it becomes more important in this era os mobile internet. We all blame the battery for performance issues but nobody thinks about the proper maintenance of it. Most of the users even don’t know proper maintenance procedure. Proper maintenance and charging ensures a smooth service and longer life of the mobile phone battery and even ensures our safety. The mobile phone battery manufacturers claim that the batteries work efficiently up to 300-500 recharges and then the efficiency goes down gradually.  Mobile Phone Battery-Ch... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshi Choudhary
Windows 10 How to view hidden files folders and drives-In all versions of windows operating system some files and folders are kept hidden due to some technical reasons but the users are provided option to view these hidden files and folders. Virus and malware also create hidden files and folders to cheat the users and to delete or take other adequate action user need to remove the hidden attribute of the malware folders. Therefore it is necessary to learn how to view hidden folders and files. How to view hidden files folders and drives in windows 10 .The procedure to view hidden folders in older versions was slightly different and it was through control panel but in windows 10 yo... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshi Choudhary
The word permalink stands for permanent link. Blogger provides us two options, the default permalink and custom permalinks and we have to choose one. The Default permanent links are generated automatically by blogger system itself and is considered to be the best option but the bloggers writing their blogs in their own language, other than English, may need a custom permalink for better search engine results. Users are however at liberty to use any type of them or both types of permalinks.  Blogger permalinksWhat is a blogpost blog permalink Whenever we create a new post, and upload it on the blogger, it gives us an option generated it.s permalink automatically. Permalink stands fo... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshi Choudhary
How add Drop Caps to already published posts in blogger-If you want to decorate your already published posts in a blogger blog by adding drop caps, you can easily do it by just editing your already published blog posts. In a new blogger blog post you can easily insert the Drop Caps code at the time of uploading it but if you want to insert a Drop Caps code to a blog post which is already published, you have to edit it, though the code is same. Here is the detailed procedure and the CSS code –Drop Caps in Old Posts  How to activate dark theme in whatsapp व्हाट्सएपमेंडार्कमॉडकैसेएक्टिवेटकरें 1.   ... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshi Choudhary
Digital Eye Strain or Computer Eye Syndrome-Causes-Symptoms-Remedies- Eyes are lost the world is lost for you. Yes your eyes are really the most important part of your body. Besides all other eye problems a new danger “Digital Eye strain” (Termed as Digital Eye Syndrome in medical science) has developed. Now TV, Phone, cameras, Computers, Laptops, Mobile Phone, Video games(Online or Offline) and many other electronics, you can say almost all these things are digital. In comparison with the nineties digital exposure among the youth has gone as high as 2000 per cent.Digital Eye Strain or Computer Eye SyndromeWhat is digital Eye StrainIt is an eye disorder mostly found in the people working... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshi Choudhary
Trace Complete History of hardware Software of your computer at one click-It you want to know complete details and history of the computer you are working on or if you intend to purchase a used computer you need to know every thing about it. Though a lot of software are available for this purpose but you do not need any software for this. Your windows has a”DirectX Dignostic Tool” already installed in it, thus Your computer itself is capable of performing this action for you, that too in a single command and single click. The computer will display every thing about hardware, software, disk spaces free and used etc. on it’s own screen. It also has a trouble shoot option and a detai... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshi Choudhary
आजजिसकेपासॲन्ड्रॉइडमोबाईलफोनहैउसकेपासभलेऔरकुछनाहोपरव्हॉट्सॲपतोजरुरहोगा.... व्हॉट्सॲपएकफेमससोशियलमीडियाऐपहैजिसेकुछसालपहलेफेसबूकनेखरीदाथा.... हमारे आज के लेख का विषय है व्हाट्सएप में डार्क थीम के फायदे और व्हाट्सएप में डार्क थीम कैसे एक्टिवेट करें । यह डार्... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshi Choudhary
आज जिसके पास ॲन्ड्रॉइड मोबाईल फोन है उसके पास भले Quora ना हो पर व्हॉट्सॲप तो जरुर होगा.... व्हॉट्सॲप एक फेमस सोशियल मीडिया ऐप है जिसे कुछ साल पहले फेसबूक ने खरीदा था...  हमारे आज के वीडियो का विषय है व्हाट्सएप में डार्क थीम के फायदे और व्हाट्सएप में डार्क थीम कैसे एक्टिवे... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshi Choudhary
Top free Email Service providers sorted on merits1.  Gmail - The best email service across the whole world Google’s Gmail, was Initially launched as a beta service in 2004 and was made available to  public in 2007.One of the most popular free email service Gamil is provided by Google Inc. It is an ad supported email service which provides it’s users instant messaging service and chat also. Launched in April 2004, Gmail hosts millions of free email accounts. Gmail offers 10 GB of free space per account. Storage limit can be extended at nominal cost by users. It is said that if gmail fails for 5 minutes, America fails simultaneously. Google also is t... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshi Choudhary
क्या हमारा व्हाट्सएप अकाउंट किसी ने हैक कर लिया? कैसे पता करें? हैकर को कैसे भगाएं? वैसे तो व्हाट्सएप खुद को पूरी तरह से एन्क्रिप्टेड बताता है लेकिन पूर्णतया इंक्रिप्टेड होना इसको अनहेकेबल नहीं बनाता है। ऐसे में अगर आपका व्हाट्सएप अकाउंट हैक हो जाए तो क्या होगा। हा... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshi Choudhary
फेसबुक पर ग्रुप बनाकर ग्रुप लिंक जनरेट करने का तरीकाआजकल फेसबुक पर फेसबुक समूह(Facebook Groups) बड़े लोकप्रिय हैं । फेसबुक ग्रुप्स पर समान विचार वाले लोग ग्रुप बनाकर अपने विचार साझा करते हैं और रचनात्मक वार्तालाप करते हैं तथा जुड़ाव महसूस करते हैं । रचनात्मक वार्तालाप साझा क... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshi Choudhary
RECUVA-a Small free and easy to use software-RECUVA-The word recuva is derived from “Recover”. It is a small free of cost software of 3.81MB (3,992,416 bytes) for Windows, a good utility to restore your files accidentally deleted from your computer. It also recovers files deleted empting  the Recycle bin and images and other files deleted by user error from a digital camera, a memory card or MP3 players. It is capable of recovering files that deleted from your iPod, or files deleted by bugs, crashes and viruses. User interface is very simple - just click 'Scan' and choose the files you want to recover. It supports almost all versions of windows like Windows 2000 , Windows ... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshi Choudhary
Save your valuable Data and valuable Information from hackers- Your each and every activity may being watched by some one and you will have to adopt some new security measures. Some people save their data on cloud instead of their hard drive and access from any where. The service is excellent but all services like Google Drive, Sky Drive, Drop Box are on the target of the hackers. Activating privacy settings in your browser, installing a good quality antivirus, visiting only secure sites using secure server layers where all data are transferred encrypted, using only secure sites for instant messaging may help you considerably but there is no guarantee. I am giving below the details of s... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshi Choudhary
Internet Banking-A detailed Guide on the Banking System, procedure, Transaction Facilities and transaction Procedure- Internet banking or Online banking or net banking is a service provided by all the banks to their customers to make transactions sitting on their computers at their residence or office. All you need to use this service is, you must have an internet connection and an account with the bank. In all banks there are two categories of internet banking (1) Personal Banking and (2) Corporate Banking. Personal banking is free of charge and reasonable charges are levied on corporate Banking customers. There are different transaction limits for personnel and corporate segment custo... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshi Choudhary
Protect your Children from being the Victims of Cyber Criminals-Block your self the Websites-If you are a mother or father of an innocent child who uses the computer and internet at your home, then this information is definitely for you. You may have always be worried, which websites my child visits frequently. It may be Facebook, mysoace, Orkut or some other social media site. Parents are also worries about what type of information, photos, videos the children are sharing and are they sharing personal information with strangers ? A parent’s tension does not end here, they are also worried , weather their children are visiting sex websites frequently or occasionally. I am with the parents ... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshi Choudhary
Stop "A Script is Busy.." Message in Mozilla FireFoxWhile working on internet sometimes our browser goes dead slow and after a few moments a messag appears like this "A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.(https://a URL here)". This is caused mostly by facebook but some times other site may also cause this. Outdated firefox pluggins mostly Shockwave Flash may also cause it. Basically this problem is caused by pluggins so first we must ensure that our pluggins are up to date and which pluggin is causing it. First of all check that is there an out dated pluggin. If there no out d... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshi Choudhary
Glarysoft Utility4-An Effective Remedy for all Computer Problems- Glary Utilities is the ideal freeware to optimize and maintain your computer available free of cost. A strict condition that you can use free  strictly for personal computers and without adds. It is very useful for those who love their systems and want to keep it always in optimized condition at no cost and with less efforts. There are a number of system optimization software, but Glary Utilities is Completely free for personal use. , it offers multiple tools to fix, speed up and protect your computer and System optimization with one click. It is like an army men’s knife.Glarysoft Utility4-An Effective Remedy ... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshi Choudhary
Blogger Etiquettes -A Guide for Beginners - When you first join the very large community of bloggers and start blogging this will be a trial and error period for you. Here you will to figure out things accepted and ignored in the blogosphere. Take it Guaranteed that Bloggers are almost highly educated, highly mannered, master and some times an authority on the subject matter. That’s why High morals, exemplary etiquettes, selflessness and co-operation is always found in the nature of most of bloggers. Though every one is a smart blogger but the bloggers community is also smart and has some unwritten etiquettes and every blogger is expected to follow these –Blogger Etiquette-A Gu... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshi Choudhary
LED, LCD, CRT Monitor TV, Display Devices- A comparison There are various types of Computer Monitors and display devices are being used by people. Each type of device has it’s own merits and demerits.  At the time of beginning of the computer era there was  only one type of display device and this was the CRT monitor.  Though this monitor has some demerits like heavy weight Energy inefficiency and polluting nature  yet the CRT monitor is still in existence besides a development of  development of less polluting, light weight and energy efficient monitors like LCD(Liquid Cristal Display)  LED(Light Emitting... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshi Choudhary
Windows Mobility Centre- Microsoft’s Very Useful Utility-Windows Mobility Centre is a very useful feature provided by Microsoft.  Windows Mobility Center is included on all laptops those running the Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions. However the Presentation settings are not available in Windows 7 Home Premium edition. These are available in Windows 7 Ultimate, Professional, and Enterprise editions only. It puts most commonly used laptop settings in one spot so you can access them fast and easily. Windows Mobility Centre is specially deigned for  Laptops to make work easy and faster. It sets every thing in one place, so you do not need to go ... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshi Choudhary
How to customize Navigation Bar of Third Party Blogger Template -When we download and install a third party template on our blog(Third Party template means a template which is not included in the default blogger templates) we will have to set many things of it as per our needs. The template developer writes the HTML/CSS  in a way that the template will run satisfactorily on a blogspot  blog but he can not accommodate the needs of every body so he writes the things to be used commonly. We can set every thing of the template like colours, back grounds and more as per our needs. For this purpose we will need to edit the template’s HTML. Today I will discuss  abou... Read more
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