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Entity relationship model Entity relationship model tutorialIn this Entity relationship model based er diagram tutorial we will learn about important concepts of entity relationship diagram such as er diagram definition,er diagram symbols and notations,er diagram examples with solutions and different components of er diagram.What is Er Diagram ?What are different er diagram symbols?Give an er diagram examples with solutions.What are different components of er diagram?What is entity relationship model?Representation in DBMS to show relation between real world entities. This representation is  the Entity Relationship Model. This diagram basically shows the conceptual view of a databa... Read more
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Computer Networks GATE Practice QuestionsComputer networks gate questions with answers Practice SET 1Objective of this computer network tutorial is provides some practice questions for gate exam.Such types of questions are generally asked in gate exam every year.1 Marks  Questions Q1.Which protocol uses UDP as transport protocol?(a)    SMTP(b)   telnet(c)    DNS(d)   HTTPAnswer : a                  Q2.Which of the following is false with regards to TTL(a) TTL is used to avoid infinite looping(b) TTL is used in debugging( c ) TTL counts number of routers ... Read more
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Looping statements in c Programming: An OverviewTable of content What is a loop in c?Advantages of using a loop in c.Types of loopsWhat is the difference between while loop and do while loop?This tutorial covers the concepts of looping statements in c with example. Advantages of using loops have been explained in this tutorial. This tutorial also covers the types of loop such as for loop in c programming example, while loop in c programming example and do- while loop in c programmingWhat is a loop in c?When we write a program to solve any problem then sometime we face a situation when some statements in the code need to be executed more than one time or fixed number of times. In ge... Read more
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Conditional statements in c The conditional statements in c are the statements that are used to check any particular condition according to the user's requirement. Conditional statements help us to make a decision in the program in any condition.We specify the condition as a set of the conditional statements having the Boolean expression which may be either true or false. Execution flow of a c program is changed as per the condition specified in conditional statements.Different types of conditional statements in cIn C programming language there are following types of conditional statements in c.1. if statement2.if-else statement3.nested if else statement4.switch statement5.if else if la... Read more
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Normalization in Dbms with exampleWhat is database normalization ?What are benefits of normalization in dbms?What are different types of normal forms in dbms?So Let's start with normalization introduction.What is Database Normalization?Normalization makes database design simpler. It is also known as database normalization or data normalization. Database Normalizationis an important part of database design. It helps in the speed, accuracy of the database. Database Normalization is a technique used to design a relational database.Normalization occurs in two processes, which removes the repeating groups from the data in the form of a table, and then removes duplicate entries of the same from th... Read more
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Domain name system [dns]What is domain name system (dns) ?How does domain name server work?Domain name system definitionA domain name system (dns)  is an internet service that translate domain name to IP Address. Host name are not case sensitive and contains alphabetic numeric , letter or hyphen.what is domain name system and how it works ?A domain name system is in fact it own network.  If one dns server does not know how to translate domain name to IP Address then  it ask for another and so on until the correct ip address is returned.When we use the web or send an email message to do it we use domain name to do it. For example the url "http://ww.google.com"  contai... Read more
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Virtualization in Cloud Computing This year NTA or UGC NET syllabus of computer science and application also included cloud computing and virtualization topic for the test. Virtualization is an important concept in cloud computing. Here in this virtualization tutorial I have explained d the basic concepts of virtualization such as virtualization definition, types of virtualization in cloud computing , virtualization benefits and difference between cloud computing and virtualization. To study this topic I referred the Cloud Computing and Virtualization articleWhat is Virtualization?Virtualization means creating the virtual version of a useful resource such as server, storage de... Read more
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Computer Networks Questions for UGC NET CS and GATE  ExamIn this post  different questions from computer networks subject for GATE and UGC NET exam are explained. These type of questions are generally asked in Gate and UGC NET exam. Data for Questions 1 and 2 is given here -If three IP networks A, B and C. Host HA in network A send messages. Message has 180 bytes of application data to a host HC in network C. The TCP layer add a 20 byte header to this message. After that this passes through an intermediate network B. The maximum packet size, including 20 byte IP header, in each network is A :1000 bytes B :100 bytes C :1000 bytesThe network A and B are connected ... Read more
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Java database connectivity stepsHow to create jdbc connection in java?What is difference between statement and preparedstatement in java ?In the previous jdbc tutorial named as types of jdbc drivers in java  we learned about what is jdbc in java and jdbc drivers in java . Now in this jdbc tutorial we will learn how to create jdbc connection in java or java database connectivity  with mysql or jdbc connection in java with oracle.There are 6 steps used  to connect a java application with the database through JDBC. These steps are as follows:      Create an ODBC Data Source Name.      Register the Driver class or load the&nbs... Read more
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Steps for java database connectivityIn the previous tutorial named as types of jdbc drivers in java  we learned about different jdbc drivers. Now in this tutorial we will learn how to create jdbc conection in java or jdbc connection with mysql or jdbc connection in java with oracle.Following steps are used to create jdbc connection in java application with database.Step 0 – Create an ODBC DSN (Data Source Name)Step 1 – load the driverClass.forName ("sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver"); //for JDBC-ODBC BridgeNote: - if not using odbc then you will load vendor specific driver class. Check driverdocumentation.Parameter passed in forName() method to connect with different database are a... Read more
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JDBC and JDBC DriversJava Data Base Connectivity (JDBC) is an Application Programming Interface which is one of important usable in different business applications. The reason behind the widely use of JDBC is that because most of the business application software use database. In order to retrieve and store the  data in database through GUI we need some kind of connectivity between front end database . Java Data Base Connectivity (JDBC) connects java application with database.JDBC DriversJDBC API Package is java.sql and we imports this package in our jdbc application program. In this package there  are many interfaces. To connect java application  with any ... Read more
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Ip address classesIn this ip address classes based tutorial today we will learn about ip address related concepts such as ip address meaning, ip address classes, types of ip address ,classful addressing and loop back ip address and it's use.What is ip address meaning?What are different  ip address classes ?What is loop back ip address?Ip address meaningIp address is also known as logical address, ip address meaning is assigning an address to a computer or host connected over a network. Ip address is the address assigned to each host present in a network. In IP addressing scheme two device can not have same IP address.IP Address Spec... Read more
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IP Address ClassesWhat is an ip Address?What are different types of ip address classes ?What is loop back ip address?This tutorial covers the IP address introduction, types of ip address, ip address classes and loop back ip address and it's use.IP Address SpecificationIn ip addressing scheme two hosts cannot have the same IP Address.  An IP address is 32 bit binary number but generally for representation purpose IP address is represented as 4 values in decimal number system Each of the four represent the 8 bits in the range from 0 to 255 and separated by decimal point.For example is a class C IP Address.Address Classes used for IP AddressingThere are five different ip... Read more
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Network layer protocols and functionsWhat is network layer of OSI Model ?This tutorial covers the basic introduction of network layer in osi model, network layer design issues, network layer protocols and functions, network layer services and functions.Network layer in osi or TCP/IP modelNetwork layer of TCP/IP model in computer network is responsible for taking the packets from the source node or host and deliver it to the destination node. Packet goes through several intermediate node and network router during its transmission from source to destination.  The correct delivery of entire message or data packet at the destination side is verified at Transport layer by TCP protocol.The&nb... Read more
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Network Layer TutorialThis tutorial covers the basic introduction of network layer in computer network, network layer design issues, network layer services and functions.Network Layer IntroductionNetwork layer of TCP/IP model in computer network is responsible for taking the packets from the source node or host and deliver it to the destination node. Packet goes through several intermediate node and network router during its transmission from source to destination.  The correct delivery of entire message or data packet at the destination side is verified at Transport layer by TCP protocol.The Network layer of TCP/IP protocol suite supports the Internetworking Protocol which provides the... Read more
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Physical Layer of OSI ModelLowest layer of OSI model is physical layer. Major concerns of this layer is to deal with the physical medium which is used for data communication between sender and receiver node or host or devices. This physical medium is also known as transmission media this may be copper wire, fiber in case of wired network and wireless network etc.Functions of physical layerDifferent functions of physical layer are as follow 1.Specification of Hardware:  Physical layer keeps the track of  the transmission media such as  physical cables, network interface cards, wireless radios, etc. 2. Encoding and Signaling: Encoding of bits in the medium is also decided b... Read more
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Characteristics of dbms and dbms introductionWhat is Data ?Before introducing the introduction to database management system , advantages of dbms, characteristics of dbms  let us know something about data what is data ? The term data may be defined as a collection of facts which provide information  about something. Data may be in the form of text, table figure graph audio and video. In context of computer world data is processed by computer and it is recorded or store in some suitable form which can be understand by the user. Data can be stored on secondary device like had disk or in primary memory.Data can be collected stored, processed and it can be manipulated it means we ... Read more
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What is AVL Tree ?AVL stands for ADELSON, VELSKI AND LANDIS. It is a tree representation commonly known as ‘AVL TREE’.Here we have explained an avl tree example in the figure. AVL tree is just like a binary search tree(BST) but it is a balanced tree in data structure. Here the the term balanced is used in context of height it means AVL Tree is a height balanced tree.in data structure. It is heught balanced binary search tree.If in binary search tree, at every node avl tree balance factor is 1 or 0 or -1, then it is AVL tree.Balancing factor of a node in VAL tree is calculated using this formulaBalancing factor = (height of left sub tree) – (height of right sub tree)An avl tree example ... Read more
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What is dtd in xml ?In xml dtd stands for Document Type Definition. XML dtd is used to express the XML language. XML dtd is generally usd for the following purpose.DTD in XML is used to check the validity of XML.Structure and vocabulary of XML can be checked using xml dtd.XML dtd Checks the grammatical rules of XML language.DTD contains declaration of following XML components ElementAttributesEntitiesElements are building block of XML document.Attributes are associated with elements describe its features.Entities are placeholders in XML which can be declared in the documentFeatures of xml dtdVarious features of xml dtd are as followDTD decides the elements which appears in DTDXml dtd de... Read more
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HTML5 application cache manifest and its typesBasics of html cache manifestFor caching the web page, it is mandatory to declare the manifest with html element on every and each page. A particular webpage can’t be cached until we don’t declare the manifest file.The recommend file extension for a manifest file is appcache. The manifest file also needs to configure with the correct MIME-type, which must be configured well on the web server. The format may has follows: text/cache-manifest.What is HTML5 Manifest?It’s a simple text file, which tells the browser for particular cache processing. In details we can say it sends a command to browser for specific file type to be stored in the... Read more
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What is html 5 application cacheCan you imagine that website can be accessible without any net connection? Now this is possible just because just because of html5 application cache Html5 Application Cache is an important feature of HTML5 which can store the website data in a cached version and makes it possible to access the website without any net connectivity.It helps the in storing the website on local system. Advantages of HTML5 Application CacheThe following advantages a user can have, if a user chooses HTML5 Application Cache.Offline Browsing: Offline browsing can be possible due to html5 application cache. We can use Offline browsing through html5 application cache when we have not in... Read more
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HTML5 tutorial for beginnersThis html5 tutorial for beginners covers the basics of html 5 such as introduction of html5, html5 tags list, common html5 tags, html5 new features etc.(A) Overview of HTML 5       HTML5 is a hyper text markup language used foe web development or website design. HTML 5 came into existence in January 2008. W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) and WHATWG (Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group) are two major organizations which played an important role in the development of html 5.In the next section of this html5 tutorials for beginnerswe will learn about common html5 tags.(B) New elements in htlm5 or html5 tags listThis se... Read more
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What is Array ? OR Array DefinitionArray in data structure is collection of items having same data type stored which are stored in contagious memory allocation. During array definition we should also keep in mind that array in data structure is a user define data type. Array in programming is a best data structure.Implementation of array in programming is important because of following reasonsa) Most assembly language have concept of array.b) From an array any other data structure we can be built.Why do we need array?In general if we store any data it store at any random location. Data at any random location is very tough to retrieve that’s why we need data structure.Example of an Arr... Read more
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What is stack in data structure?What is stack ?Push and pop operation in stack in data structureApplication and use of stack in data structure.(A) What is stack ?Stack in data structure is an abstract data type. Stack a linear data structure that allows inserting and deleting elements in a specific manner. When we want to insert an element in stack it can be added a top of the stack. All the insertion and deletion is performed at this TOP in stack in data structure.                              It use First in last out(FILO) process or Last in first out ( LIFO)Suppose if S={S0,S1,S2……Sn-1}   He... Read more
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File handling in c programmingWhat is file ?Use of File Pointer.Different file handling function.This tutorial covers the concepts of file handling in c programming. Several file handling functions in c and their use is also explained in this tutorial. This file handling in c tutorial also covers the concepts of file pointer in c, c program to read and write to a file, opening and closing a file.What is File ?In order to understand the concepts of file handling in c programming at first we have to understand what is file ? In context of a computer system file is a collection of data or sequence of bytes stored on hard disk.What is File Pointer?In file handling in c programming C programming ... Read more
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