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Blogger: Akhilesh
In Hinduism[edit]OriginsBull bas relief in MamallapuramThe cow has been a symbol of wealth since ancient Vedic times. However, they were neither inviolable nor revered in the same way they are today. Some scholars have argued, citing early Hindu scriptures and archaeological evidence, that the cow has not always been sacred and that cows, oxen, and bulls were both sacrificed and eaten in Vedic times and to some extent even later.[1][2]The cow was possibly revered because the large Hindus relied heavily on it for dairy products and for tilling the fields, and on cow dung as a source of fuel and fertilizer. Thus, the cow’s status as a 'caretaker' led to identifying it as an ... Read more
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Blogger: Akhilesh
Cow Protection What Does It Mean In Real Sense??The actual philosophical reason for cow protection is very simple; all living entities deserve protection from slaughter. Not only cows, all animals have souls the same as we do. They are all children of Krsna, all dear to Him.History Of Cow ProtectionCow’s have always been our mothers and all mothers should hold a position of respect, and since one does not kill and eat one’s mother, the cow should not be killed and eaten. Likewise, the bull is our father because he can plow the earth to produce food grains. One does not kill and eat one’s father and mother – not even when they are old and less economically useful.5000 years ago, Lord ... Read more
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